Wennebjörke Park

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Willa Nordic

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Together with Willa Nordic's representative and their architects, you are now given the opportunity to create your dream home from scratch at Wennebjörke Park. At Willa Nordic, centuries-old traditional design and house building art from Småland meet with Wennebjörke Park's unique location by Lake Krön near Astrid Lindgren's Vimmerby in Småland. Willa Nordic's attention to detail is focused and exceptional, as you will soon discover for yourself.

Contact Willa Nordic
Contact one of our representatives, Mia Olsson or Sofia Mårdh, and they will help you with all the information about your next step towards your dream house from Willa Nordic in Wennebjörke Park.
Mia Olsson
Sales & Project manager Jönköping
070-856 48 77
Sofia Mårdh
Sales & Project manager Växjö
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At Wennebjörke Park the dream is for sale.

Do you dream of having a home by the water? This is where that dream can come true!

The water is glistening and the view is breath-taking!  Now it’s possible to acquire one of Vimmerby's eight most exclusive lakeside plots, right beside Lake Krön.

In a fairy-tale park environment with magnificent, historic oaks and spectacular sunsets over the beautiful Lake Krön, this paradise nestles in the bosom of nature. The quality of life here is at the highest level. Like protective sentinels, the magnificent grey, shimmering oaks stand guard over the area, and in the spring, white anemones cover the ground like an undulating blanket. The shimmering light falls silently like a magic powder between the tree trunks. The gravel road leads us to the sparkling water mirror and the fantastic sandy beach with its communal jetty and sauna.  Together, you can create your own "community" here.

The old road up from Vimmerby runs through the park, and it provides opportunities for pleasant walks with your dog or bike rides. East of Wennebjörke Park, on the other side of the road, is the deep Småland forest, where you’ll find both blueberries and the gold of the forest – chanterelles. The park’s lovely meadow provides the perfect venue for annual midsummer celebrations.

Wennebjörke Park is located on historic land near Ivar’s Udde and Krönsborg, where archaeological finds have been discovered of settlements from the 700s. The location provides opportunities for luxurious privacy, but it’s also only 6 or 7 minutes from Astrid Lindgren's Vimmerby where you will also find local shops, cafes and boutiques. There are as many as 3 golf courses in the vicinity, as well as the Vimmerby Tennis Club and several riding facilities.

Karta Wennebjörke Park

Your idyllic dream could be a morning stroll with a coffee basket, listening to the rustling of the treetops or marvelling at the spectacular sunsets over the beautiful Lake Krön. Life’s wonders! We wish you a warm welcome to Wennebjörke Park - Where your DREAM becomes a reality!

The building plots are expected to be released on the market during the first quarter of 2021.
If you’d like to register your interest please contact Edyta Hammar.

Edyta Hammar
+46 (0)76-803 54 87