Wennebjörke Gård

Wennebjörke Gård is a family run enterprise, managed by the second generation of the Andersson family. It's involved in forestry management, property development and provides rental homes, apartments and livery for horses. The farm is situated beside the breathtaking Lake Krön, five kilometres outside Astrid Lindgren’s Vimmerby.

Property Management & Rentals

Våra fastigheter

Wennebjörke Gård, rents out apartments, houses and summer cabins. All our properties are available for long term rentals. Our tenants have access to their own parking, a pristine beach and wonderful walking path ways in the forest nearby.

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Equestrian Facilities

An exclusive facility with a lakeside paddock, indoor arena, pastures and enjoyable riding trails.

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Wennebjörke Stall


Wennebjörke Skogsbruk

We run certified forestry management in accordance with the recommendations of Södra Skogsägarna (the Association of Southern Forest Owners).

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Natural Surroundings

We have created a water habitat providing bio diversity opportunities for flora and animals. Here we welcome a great number of wild animals, including a broad spectrum of bird species that come here to breed every year.

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Vi har skapat ett viltvatten som ger stora möjligheter till biologisk mångfald i vår skog.

Wennebjörke Park

Vi utvecklar boende möjligheter för allt fler vid sjön Krön.

Wennebjörke Gård is developing extraordinary accommodation opportunities in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Krön.

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Tradition & Heritage

At the beginning of the century, Wennebjörke Gård was a country resort. Many guests were already then enjoying the beautiful sunsets at Lake Krön and the fantastic location of the village.

Famous tennis players of the time would visit Wennebjörke Gård to play on the clay court located next to the breathtaking Lake Krön.

Wennebjörke Gård har en lång tradition